My first post :)

Hi everybody & welcome to my new Blog/Site.

I have an announcement to make !!.. I recently got accepted as a student at Animation Mentor... Yeaaahhyy..

I will dedicate most of the posts on this blog for sharing all the important info, tips, and notes I'll be learning from my mentors along this great journey, so it will be a be a good reference for myself, as well as everybody else to get back to in the time of need.
I was hoping to make my posts in two languages ( Arabic-English ) but unfortunately, and due to time constraints I'll be posting here only in English.

So wish me luck everyone & stay tuned : )

PS. If you have any question, comment, or feedback, Pls feel free to drop a line.


  1. thank you i'll learn more from your experience

  2. dude saw ur wrks......u r awsumeeeeeeeeeeeeee........al the very best..