AM - Class 1 / Week 4 - Lecture

In this lecture we got introduced to Timing & Spacing.

In very brief words,  Timing is what gives the meaning to movement.  as for Spacing, its how you put your characters
in space, or its the gaps between the key poses/drawings.

Timing & spacing always goes hand in hand together when talking about animation, they are usually influenced by
a number of laws :
"Wight"  "Gravity"  "Momentum"  "Inertia"  "Acceleration & Deceleration"  and "other Force"

Aside from that; the most important advice that I got from this lecture is to always try braking up the constancy while animating, repetitive motion tends to be boring.  braking off the rhythm makes (in most cases) something as simple
as walk cycle a lot more interesting.


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