AM - End of Class Two!!

After long sleepless nights; class two is finally over!! It was an Awesome learning experience with John Nguyen.
As the habit goes, at the end of each term the mentor will wright a personal assessment for each student, and I'm always eager to know what my mentor thinks of my work, & what advice he can give me for further improvement.  Here is what John had to say:

Areas of strength: Manar is a very good animator and has a solid grasp of animation principles. His understanding of body mechanics is excellent. This allows him to focus some of this time to adding a story and personality to his work. His shots are fun and entertaining. Its has been a pleasure to have him in class. His enthusiasm and open mindedness has made it easy to teach.
Areas of improvement: Manar could work on his timing as far as it relates to the pace of the shot. Using timing and exaggerating to give energy and emotion to the shot, are a couple thing I think he can experiment with.

I wish John all the best in his career & I hope our path will cross again in the near future.


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