AM - Class 5 / Week 8 - Lecture

Subtext And Subtlety.

Subtext: is the implicit meaning of a literary text, its not what's being said but what we come to understand about the story or a character.
Subtlety: is so slight to an extend that its difficult to detect or describe. In character animation subtlety is not just a small move or a small weight shift, it also could be a subtle/unnoticeable change that develops over a shot or a series of shots.
Context: is the part of a statement that surrounds a particular passage and determines its meaning, in animation it means how a shot or a series of shots fit into an entire scene.

Quick notes:
- Interior monologue vs Exterior dialog.  Meaning; the thought process inside the character's head compared with what he's actually saying, sometimes they could be the same but sometimes they could be completely different.
- Acting in the eyes, if somebody is talking we mainly focus on his eyes, eyes can convey a whole range of emotions.
- Acting in the body, the body gives a message whether the character is relaxed or nervous, happy or sad.
- Using simplicity to convey ideas clearly, simplicity in posing, simplicity in gestures.
- The purpose of every shot we animate is not to glorify us as animators, but to tell the story in context, so what every we do should serve that purpose.
- The diffidence of status between characters in a shot will tell us a lot about there personality
- Character's emotions arcing over a scene will make it very interesting. The scene starts with the character very happy, and through the progression of the scene the character will become sad because of something he/she had learned.
- It will be great if you can convey to your audience how characters are feeling to each other without having to say it.
- Don't concentrate on the mouth when double checking a lipsync, look at the eyes, and if it feels right, you're probably in a good shape.


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