AM - Class 1 / Week 3 - Lecture

This week's lecture was about the importance of Planning & Blocking.

Planing your work a head before you sit on your computer to animate is very important, yet its something often missed by
many people ( especially in the middle east )

There are different aspects for planning a shot, I'll try to mention some of them :

- When brainstorming for ideas, do not always commit to the first idea that pops to your mind, the first idea is always good
but its usually a Cleché that been used over & over again, so try to find different and more creative ideas.

- Close your eyes and try to visualize your shot/shots from start to end, this might be hard at the beginning but this is a skill that will develop over time.

- Observe the world around you, shoot as much video references as you can to help you out with your work, do not copy that recorded performance as is while animating but add to it & develop it.

- Drawing simple thumbnails or story board for your shot is a huge part of the planning process.

- Be sure to always ask for feed back from your fellow animators or even people outside the industry, this is a great way for you to improve your ideas & skills.

As for Blocking, there are three famous methods of blocking your shots :

1 - Layering : is when you layer the animation for a characters gradually along a sequence ( body, hands, head, legs.. etc )
2 - Pose To Pose : is when you set keyframes for the main key poses for a character, then add the in-between on later stage.
3 - Straight A Head : is when you start animating  full characters sequentially.

All three methods are correct, but its good to find the one that works the best for you, or you can combine all of them together.

OK!!.. That's it for this week folks!! Take care !!

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  1. dude can u explain the layering process a little more..plzzzz????