AM - Class 3 / Week 4 - Lecture


In this lecture Dave Mullins talks about locomotion in the human body; He shot himself performing different types of physical actions like siting, standing, lifting, throwing, then analyzed these shots in terms of 'source of force' and 'weight shift'.
Here are some random notes I got from Dave analyzing his reference:

- Fulcrum is the point of balance in a character or an object.
- The mass is evenly distributed around the Fulcrum ( or what we call center-line of gravity )
- Our bodies developed a way to move in the most efficient manner, always taking short cuts to preform any action.
- In order to the human body to stay in balance while moving, it counter balances its self between the hips & legs to     sustain a well balanced locomotion.... that's a very confusing sentence :)
- External force changes the natural flow of any locomotion.
- When lifting weights, the heavier the object being lifted the more body parts are involved in the process.
- Anticipation before the movement, and settle after the movement, are key elements in animation.

The butter of this lecture is that, before you start animating you will need to shoot / find a reference, analyze it thoroughly, find out where the fulcrum is in the character, how the weight is shifting between the legs once that is well understood, fire up Maya, & start animating!


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