AM - Class 3 / Week12- Lecture

A review of the Advanced Body Mechanics Class.

- Clarity in staging, camera angles/moves, posing, props, all should be serving the aim of the shot.
- Clean arcs & path of action, some times simple, sometimes complex, but always clean & properly tracked.
- Animation is about communication, and Phrasing is a great way to create a clear communication with the audience.
- Analyze the center of gravity 'Fulcrum' in your character while animating to create a believable performance.
- The importance of planing, shooting reference, and taking notes, always show your work to others for feedback.
- Breaking down the overlapping action, and the relation of the legs, spine, arms, and head, the lead & follow principal.
- You can prepare the audience that an action is about to happen by adding anticipation.
- Clarity in ideas, clarity in poses, clarity in movement.
- Creating different timing for actions to add texture to the animation, so it will feel more dynamic.
- Spacing makes the character alive.


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