AM - Class 3 / Week 6 - Lecture

Advanced Overlap & Anticipation.

Quick notes :

- Just a reminder! overlapping action is breaking of movement so it dose not feel mechanical or fake.

- The 'Lead & Follow  Principal ' and 'Reversals Principal' gives a very interesting fluid feel to the animation. 

- Anticipation before movement leads the eyes of the audience to the next action & prepares them that something is about 
to happen.

- Anticipation is related to the action follows, settle anticipation for settle movement, big anticipation for broad movements.

- Anticipation should not always be big & noticeable, it could be something as simple as an eye dart before speaking, or 
pushing the hip an inch to the right before a walk to the left.

- Don't always choose a cliche anticipation, try experimenting with something new.

A great advice we got from Bobby during this lecture, He said : If you just animate.. that is great! but if you want to push your work forward you need to look for references, or shoot your own reference, and while you are animating show the stages to others to get feedback.. and that what will make your work becomes better & better!

I always keep reminding myself about references because, even now.. I still sometimes get carried away & start animating without doing my reference homework.


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