AM - Class 4 / Week 3 - Lecture

Lateral Thinking: Generating Ideas for Acting.

For creative and artistic development, All the famous studios like Pixar, Disney, DreamWorks, organize 'Improvisation classes' to there animators, so they can generate creative new ways to thinking about the characters there animating.

In this unusual class hosted by Improvisation instructor Rebecca Stockley, we learn how to use our own bodies physicality to inspire acting choices & avoid Cleche, Rebecca has worked for many years with Pixar & Dreamorks teaching many of the amazing animators out there how to develop a fresh approaches to acting.

She gathered a few groups of students at AM, and started loosen them up by performing a regular walk across the room, as they're walking she asked them to shift there weight backward, forward, arm swing, just to feel how  that would effects the personality of the character the're in, then later she got into acting dialog & experimenting with different attitudes, and so on..

It was an entertaining lecture to watch! Probably the hardest part of it is that you'll need get off your chair & a way from the computer and start performing along as your watching the lecture, & if you are a lazy guy like me, you could consider it as a good exercise to lose some weight :)


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