AM - Class 2 / Week 7 - Lecture


Animation is not about moving characters from point A to point B, we have to know why we're moving these characters, 
& we have to think about the force behind the movement because : Nothing Moves Without a Force!

There are Two types of force: 
External Force: like a character puling / pushing, jumping... etc..
Internal Force: tells you that the character is a live and making its own decisions.

While animating a certain action we DON'T just keyframe the main poses and let the computer figure out the in-betweens, 
its up us Animators to direct the sequence of transforming between these poses, How we get from one pose to the other, What body parts are involved in the process, We need to make sure that the entire body of the character IS involved in the movement but each with different level of intensity..

So Force is what part of the body is moving first, and the parts that follows along, its setting up a sequence of energy being released through out the body to make the movement.
Its how we transition our characters from one place to the other, and that involves Lead & Follow, Timing, Path of Action, 
All the important animation principles that we're learning at AM.
As for Internal Force its what's going in in the character's head displayed through external posing, its the acting, the 
personality, its the reaction in a certain situation.

A very good advice I got from Wayne Gilbert during the lecture: Animators should always have a reference to work with, 
analyze the motion in that reference, de-assemble it, study it carefully, then re-assemble it into your animation the 
way like it.


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