AM - Class 2 / Week 8 - Lecture

Arcs and Path of Action

Arcs & Path of Action are greatly related, they always go hand in hand with each other.. 

Every time there is a motion there is a path for that motion, that path is called path of action. The path of action -in most cases- has an arc shape. In animation we need to make that arc smooth & clean to add quality to the shot, bumpy path of action will weaken the animation no mater how good the character posing is.

If you watch any animated Disney movie you will notice that it has a very fluid feel to it, that's all because of smooth arcs & path of action, and that what makes Disney work so remarkable!

I personally never thought of tracking arcs in my animation before joining Animation Mentor, and was always wondering 
why my work looked so bad!! Now, I came to realize that it was all about two things: Arcs, and Path of Action.. along with 
solid character posing of course.

There is plenty of tools in Maya for Ghosting, and showing animation path, but I found the best way for tracing arcs is by drawing on my monitor with a dry wipe marker.. try it.. it really works :)


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