AM - Class 2 / Week 9 - Lecture

Timing & Spacing

To understand what is timing and what is spacing we'll go back to the bouncing ball example, Timing is when the 
ball hits the ground, as for Spacing its how you place the in-between frames of the ball arcing through the air.
To further demonstrate, here is an illustration form Richard Williams book 'Animator's Survival Toolkit'

Quick notes:

- There are a number of elements that influence timing in a shot : Weight, External / Internal Force, Momentum, Animation Style.
- A great advice that all pros agree on is that Do Not let Maya make the in-betweens for you, if you do so the 
spacing will look very even & boring, adding ease ins & ease out will make the spacing much more interesting.
- Tracking your in-betweens with a dry wipe marker (same like what I've mentioned in the last post) will help you 
see and correct the pops in the spacing..
- Making simple changes in spacing & timing will make a huge difference in your shot.


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