AM - Class 4 / Week 6 - Lecture

Walk-Through: Introduction to Dialog.

In this lecture, Delio Tramontozzi, Animation supervisor at ILM walks us through his way of animating a shot with dialog, he doesn't get into details of facial animation, its more of a guidance for animators on how to start working on a dialog shot.

When looking for a dialog clips for your exercise, there are few rules that you might want to keep in mind: Clear Voices, No Profanity, Contrast in Emotions, Stay away from Famous Clips & Animated Movies.
Here is few sites I found that offers dialog audio clips:

Quick notes from Deilo process:

- Animate the idea NOT the words, you need to look for the emotions behind the line of dialog you're about to animate, and add that into the character.
- Listen to the audio over & over again, break it into beats, then look for the moments where you can put the key poses.
- Knowing the back story for the character is important to animate a shot with dialog.
- Shoot a video reference, a good tip is to act the shot without exaggeration because its something you can push later as you're animating.
- Draw thumbnails from your video reference, try to add contrast in shapes while drawing the thumbnails.
- Fill out Animation X-Sheet.
- Start animating.
- Animate a basic jaw pass with a basic facial performance,just to get the sense of it with the rest of the body.
- After all that, you can work on the lip-sync.

While animating, an important thing to keep in mind is not to be afraid to blow out & redo a full section that you don't feel is quiet reading the way you thought it would.


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